English language tutoring seattle k-5
  • Improve your listening comprehension and pronunciation
  • Communicate in everyday situations and conversations
  • Live in English through functional lessons on topics such as family, health, and housing
  • Increase your fluency through curriculum that integrates speaking, listening, reading, and writing
  • Learn the grammar you need to know
  • Write sentences, paragraphs, and longer compositions
  • Focus on reading comprehension skills
  • Learn to read actively, skim, and scan
  • Build your English vocabulary at each level
  • Prepare for academic reading and writing
  • Get help in reading/writing based college courses



  • Methodology that enables students to understand the written word in a systematic way, from their current student skill level.
  • Guides students through sounds and symbols, from basic consonants and vowels through higher-level skills, including variant vowels and diphthongs.
  • Focuses on blending, segmenting, and word manipulation practice.
  • Varied resources and methods that support all students and learning styles and make practice fun!



High-frequency words (sight words):


  • Prepares students for reading success by reinforcing recognition of most common words in the English language.
  • Resources specifically tailored to familiarize students with high-frequency words in an easy-to-read format that they can bring anywhere.
  • Helps students achieve greater fluency and increases self-confidence.



Guided reading:


  • Leads students through longer passages and books, which put their phonics and high-frequency word skills to the test!
  • Models reading skills and moves students toward independent reading.
  • Emphasizes other foundational skills, including comprehension, vocabulary, and writing.